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Warehouse Voice-Picking Technology & Solutions

As the industry leader in voice-enabled workflow solutions, Mountain Leverage is laser-focused on helping our partners achieve peak performance in distribution centers of all sizes. With a team that is unparalleled for excellence, creativity, innovation, and 24/7 support, we offer trusted expertise in voice-picking technology and systems for the world's most powerful warehouses.

Why Mountain Leverage Voice?

Increase Accuracy and Improve Warehouse Operations

Are chargebacks and paying overtime becoming a problem? With decades of experience, our singular goal is helping you safely move products in and out of your operation faster, at a lower cost, and with near 100% accuracy.

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We have increased our productivity by 30%. We have increased our accuracy performance, which was astronomical. For a picking warehouse, people would be crazy not to take a look at voice.

Widen Your Hiring Pool with Multilingual Voice Picking Solutions

It doesn’t matter what language employees are speaking on the job. Available in almost 40 languages, our multilingual voice picking solutions are flexible and supportive of employees’ needs, so you can attract and retain workers faster.

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We were 12 to 15 workers behind, so we are thankful for an influx of Spanish-speaking employees who are looking for jobs. We are implementing Latin American Spanish voice-picking, and I couldn't do this with any other method.

Empower Today's Mobile Generation Workforce with Smart Technology

Mountain Leverage helps distribution centers attract, retain, and develop great talent by maximizing the skills of today’s technologically savvy workforce through smart and familiar technology.

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Voice provided superior ergonomics because you’re not holding onto two things and trying to pick up items at the same time.

Prioritize Safety

Our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ voice-enabled workflows help ensure your team keeps their heads up and their eyes on their work.

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I can't believe I have my two hands again.

Ensure Efficiency and Cut Labor Costs

The Mountain Leverage team has extensive knowledge in successfully implementing a variety of technologies to reduce the amount of labor needed while increasing productivity. 

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Voice helps us look into individual productivity because we can pinpoint who’s productive and who isn’t. We can hone in on who needs more training and development.

Reduce Training Time

Voice-enabled workflows require substantially less time to train, and Mountain Leverage's team creates robust training plans to get new team members trained and picking faster.

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Training takes 1/10th of the time it took with RF systems. You can bring in new hires and get them started pretty quickly.

Making a Difference with Mountain Leverage Cares

Mountain Leverage Cares is the dedication of Mountain Leverage to help wherever we can, whenever we can.

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The inspection application developed by Mountain Leverage allows me to easily inspect all of our air packs and ensures I never miss a step. You could say this app is truly a life saver!

Mountain Leverage Voice Solutions

In addition to consulting, design, and development, Mountain Leverage provides a full range of services to keep your operation running smoothly - from our "white glove" installation methodology, to uncompromised support, to our industry-leading repair capabilities.

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