Today’s rapidly changing market has had a dynamic impact on traditional warehouse operations. E-commerce and omni-channel initiatives​ are ballooning SKU count, challenging traditional storage strategies and forcing fulfillment operations to be more responsive and nimble than any time in the past. Your customers are demanding these changes and they have deeply impacted your processes from receiving to selection with a whole new set of nuances and requirements. These changes affect warehouse operations, transportation operations, and have major ramifications on the supply chain at every level – including costs. As a world-class Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ company, we can help you tackle these changes without a massive IT initiative using your existing business systems. Furthermore, we can give you cost relief by offsetting the increases realized today with measurable savings derived from our approach.​

Our Services

Why your competitors choose voice picking

  • Optimize supply chain performance with voice picking
  • Dramatically increase efficiency and throughout
  • Improve accuracy and customer satisfaction
  • Easily overcome the challenges of seasonal demand
  • Rapid ROI, typically within 4 quarters or less
  • Mitigate risks and minimize time for enhancements
  • Enhance workplace safety
  • Reduce RF Scanner distractions and wasted time


  • Trust me, learning how to use this is going to be the easiest thing you ever do here.

  • Once we started using the new VoiceLink reports with our staff we saw a +40% improvement in their picking rates.

  • When we invested in voice technology we were hoping to get our pickers to 40 - 80 eaches/hr.  Unbelievable, we hit 120 eaches/hr in just the first 2 weeks!

  • 10 times better than the old way.

  • In the past, we heard ”How much more? How much more??” Now with the voice solution I can firmly let selectors know how long their work day will be.