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DNA of Success – Dedication

The DNA of Success is a list of employee-specific attributes that are at the core of running a successful distribution business.

Across the long term horizon, employers have seen a continuous shift in the applicant pool for every position in a distribution operation. Compare the industrial revolution through the Second World War and then jump to today… the processes are similar but the jobs are very different. Across your career, you will see tremendous shifts in behavior and technology offerings intended to make the people and the processes more efficient. The one constant however is the DNA of Success.

Today’s DNA of Success attribute: Dedication

In most of the organizations we observe, the leaders who have developed a dedicated workforce see the most success. The degree of dedication varies from organization to organization, but loyal and committed team members are typically more desirable in nearly all cases. To build a great team, start by finding team members who show signals of strong dedication.

The more responsive and receptive a team member is to suggestions and coaching, the more dedicated they tend to be. Furthermore, these associates will often enjoy the work and culture you have created- even if they never express it in words. Their conscientious habits should be consistently apparent and these same behaviors will likely rub off on other associates in the DC.

Caution is the word of the day when you see marginal commitments, self-serving attitudes, and questionable productivity. These team members may be more likely to be self-oriented and these behaviors could undermine your leadership goals for the overall operation. Given time and patience, coaching is the recommended initial step with these individuals. Not everyone will be able to transition into dedicated team members and in those cases, they may hinder you from achieving your goals. Identifying and improving your team’s dedication is critical to your overall success.