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DNA of Success – Reliability

As a leader, it’s highly likely that you’ve seen a wide range of behavior patterns within your team. The ability to find associates that are able to consistently perform at a high level can be very difficult. Being able to hire, cultivate, and retain reliable associates is critical to the long-term success of your organization. Reliability is about more than showing up for work on time. A strong, reliable associate will help enforce standards of work which allow you, as a leader, to drive continuous improvement forward faster because you have a baseline to measure against.

Assuming you meet with candidates before they are asked to join your team, there are a few behavioral traits to look for that may mask poor reliability. Often, unreliable associates will be undisciplined – even when applying for a position at your DC. In conversations are they more independent than most of the others you’ve hired in the past or are they overly self-oriented? Not easy behaviors to see, but they could lead to more challenges down the road – especially when that seasonal rush begins and it’s all hands on deck!

Reliability isn’t just reserved for the associate though. Being a reliable leader gives your team the confidence to know what is expected of them and how to best work with you on a day to day basis. According to Rick Garlick, senior director of consulting and strategic implementation for Maritz Research, it is essential to “maintain credibility with your workforce as a means of getting them to totally buy in to the mission and vision of your company. Anything less fosters a disengaged workforce that puts self-interest at the top of its list of priorities.”

Across the long term horizon, employers have seen a continuous shift in the applicant pool for every position in a distribution operation. Compare the industrial revolution through the Second World War and then jump to today… the processes are similar but the jobs are very different. Across your career, you will see tremendous shifts in behavior and technology offerings intended to make the people and the processes more efficient. The one constant however is the DNA of Success.

With decades of warehouse, manufacturing, and logistics experience, we understand the challenges you face when building a team or an organization.