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DNA of Success – Safety

The DNA of Success is a list of employee-specific attributes that are at the core of running a successful distribution business.

Across the long term horizon, employers have seen a continuous shift in the applicant pool for every position in a distribution operation. Compare the industrial revolution through the Second World War and then jump to today… the processes are similar but the jobs are very different. Across your career, you will see tremendous shifts in behavior and technology offerings intended to make the people and the processes more efficient. The one constant however is the DNA of Success.

Today’s DNA of Success attribute: Safety

One look at the word “safety” and visions of OSHA may come to mind. And while most organizations attempt to respect OSHA rules and standards, safety has another definition within the DNA of Success playbook.

As you review new candidates or think about current team members, you are likely to see those who have limited or weak motivating drives around safety and others who are outwardly emphatic about safety.

Associates who are weak or have limited respect for safety tend to be willing to take more risks. Often times these behaviors are reflected in their work. And sometimes, they are also apparent in their behaviors outside of the DC. Typically, individuals with weak safety drives are spontaneous and may be the first to challenge the status quo in your operation. While these challenges can be beneficial, they can also be dangerous.

On the other end of the spectrum, team members who are security-oriented will often rank higher compared to others relative to safety. These same associates tend to be more risk-averse and are less likely to do something because it’s faster or because others do it during their shift in your building.

When implementing new systems or processes, having team members who are willing to challenge the status quo in search of better outcomes can be wonderfully beneficial. However, when looking at the day to day operations in most modern DCs, someone with a healthy respect for safety and possessing overall cautious perspectives is probably a more healthy characteristic.