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Transformation tends to have macro implications.  One trend we’ve seen most often can be attributed to the associates in each DC.  While your peak performers will typically be the best (fastest and most accurate) in any environment, voice-optimization enables the mid-level performers to achieve results similar to the top associates more often.  Furthermore, the key stats from the group of workers who have historically been the least productive also show impressive results, more closely resembling the “B” performers prior to voice-enablement.

Organizations select Mountain Leverage when the status quo no longer works and customer complaints and operating costs become problematic.  Most clients see improved KPIs around labor productivity and cost reductions typically associated with chargebacks caused by selection errors.

Project length can vary based on the number of sites and the number of workflows the organization is targeting for improvement.  Generally, we see most projects having a 4 - 6 quarter ROI horizon.  In many cases, associates are selecting products via voice-enablement within 12 - 16 weeks from when the project is launched.

The best projects reflect a collaboration between technology and the operations teams.  Assignment level data is often managed in the WMS system of record and these systems are typically managed by the enterprise IT organization.  At the same time, operations familiarity is critical to capture the nuance of each workflow and to understand the customer-specific requirements that dominate fulfillment operations today.

From an industry perspective, a majority of our customers fall across 4 broad segments: (1) retail, (2) distribution, (3) manufacturing, and (4) third-party logistics operations.  All of them do unit selection.  Often those units are either cases or eaches - the backbone of eCommerce fulfillment.

Our clients experience tremendous success and rave about the results they've achieved because our approach is very different from what they have traditionally found when implementing similar solutions.  We do not make exaggerated claims that result in broken promises.  Integrity is a core value, and we deliver as promised - always.  Finally, we do not make recommendations that will not benefit our client's businesses.

Today, operations leaders face several major challenges.  Finding talented associates and keeping them motivated and goal-oriented is sometimes the biggest challenge on any given day.  Layered on the “people thing” is the constant pressure to manage operating costs.  Direct labor spend, transportation, and space constraints are typically on the “top ten” list and they seem to be there each month.  Mountain Leverage helps the Operations team reduce operating costs permanently.  The solutions require very little maintenance and can be changed as customer requirements develop or in the face of competitive pressures.

While most customers are initially thrilled about the savings achieved, it is rarely the first thing discussed.  Long after the project teams have left for the next assignment, the user community enjoys the unparalleled level of attention they get from Mountain Leverage regarding industry and solution topics and insights.

“Will it work for me?”  Every day, well over 1,000,000 associates in distribution centers around the globe (who look like the same men and women who walk through your door each day) use these same solutions to accurately perform highly repetitive DC tasks.  Our approach is far from new but remains “new” from afar.

Omni-channel is a hot trend these days.  There are often process optimization gains that can be achieved by establishing Omni-Workflows in support of Omni-Channel distribution.  The best sites focus on saving seconds millions of times a week.  The accretive value can be measured in true dollars and customer satisfaction for years.

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