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Knowledge Center Blog Finding Something Good in a Very Bad Situation

Finding Something Good in a Very Bad Situation

It’s only August, but 2020 has already been crowned the most challenging year in recent memory. We asked the Mountain Leverage team to dig deep and find something ... anything ... positive that has come out of a year infamous for a global pandemic. You might be surprised - and inspired - at what they said.

  • We are prospect and customer facing and travel often. When completing recent projects, some of them remotely, we have had even more time to review and improve our processes to better serve our customers.

  • We were able to successfully on-board new team members in 1H'20 and transition to a new CRM without the stress that is associated with a travel-heavy calendar.

  • The requirement to social distance, keep to small groups, and avoid bars/restaurants has really reminded me what it's like to get back to the basics.  Having grown up on a farm with my German grandparents (who went through the Great Depression), I was taught from a young age the importance of family and being frugal / self-sufficient.  Although Covid-19 has been detrimental in so many ways, I do feel like it got me back to my roots and helped me focus on what's really important in life. 

  • A common business challenge to perform for all new voice users has been operator training.  Our materials are all designed for in-person training with lots of hands-on activities.  As a company, Mountain Leverage has always been a strong remote-based operation.  Since Covid-19 has forced our hand to now become 100% remote for the time, we have now converted to delivering training online via video chat.  While it still bodes well for us to have face-to-face interactions with the individuals learning, we have learned through Covid-19 that it might not be feasible to perform in this manner at this time.  By performing training remotely, we have significantly reduced the costs of delivery to our clients.

  • We have all learned that there are other ways to get things done which often end up having less impact on the environment while also providing us extra time for family and ourselves.  For example, having things we need delivered instead of driving to multiple stores results in a number of positive things:
    • Being able to browse for and select just what you want from the comfort of your home.
    • Fewer vehicles on the road producing less exhaust, using less fuel, having fewer traffic accidents, and even benefiting wildlife since the number of road-killed animals has dropped considerably.
    • Jobs for delivery drivers who might otherwise have been laid off from local stores which have experienced significantly lower in-store traffic.
    • The 3 hours it may have taken to go shopping to several stores before now takes maybe an hour if you waffle about what to buy online.  You have 2 hours left over now to spend quality time with your spouse, your kids or just enjoying your favorite hobby.
    • Not having to deal with traffic or rude drivers.

  • Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, ML was able to continue to support our customers, build and release software and, for the most part, conduct business as usual because we were already a remote-based company.  For the activities that typically require on-site visits we adapted quickly.  

  • The ability for Mountain Leverage to move from in-person onsite prospect-facing events, to remote walkthroughs, detailed blueprint sessions, project kickoffs, deployments via video chat, and documentation within a matter of days, is remarkable.  Being a distributed company utilizing these tools regularly for inter-company meetings and events eased this transition to remote "touchless" delivery of all aspects of the voice experience. 

  • Covid has slowed down the pace of life and allowed me to spend more time with my family.

  • My wife is immunocompromised, and so far neither of us has contracted the disease. Also, we are learning how to handle customer interactions remotely, like a Zoom business process review.