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Our Benefits

Flourishing Together

We desire to see everyone who interacts with us, including customers, partners, and employees, experiencing Life Elevated in part because of how we treat them. 

Internally, we act on this mission by fostering a culture that promotes flourishing in and out of work. Our comprehensive benefits package is just one way we take care of our people so that they’re at their best to take care of everyone who relies on us.

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Flourish Fridays

Part of our P.A.C.T. is that we entrust one another to be responsible with our schedules and workload. In 2022, we piloted and ultimately adopted a new benefit called Flourish Fridays, where employees decide how they want to use the final day of the traditional workweek for their own flourishing. For some, that looks like working a bit; for others, it looks like taking time away from work and focusing on their personal lives.

Since launching this program at Mountain Leverage, we’ve seen upward trends in our productivity and happiness across the board:

  • Our energy levels have increased by 20%
  • Our confidence in our ability to get work done has increased by 10%
  • Our satisfaction with work and life has increased by almost 25%

We’ve realized that our focus shouldn’t be on the number of hours we spend in front of a computer each week, but on optimal outcomes for our customers and partners who trust us to deliver the highest quality of solutions and the best service possible. 

Spending our Fridays doing whatever helps us to flourish individually means we’re able to start the next week with higher energy levels, more attention to detail, greater productivity, and better efficiency. 


Flourish Fridays FAQ

We understand that some of our policies and cultural practices are unique from what you’d find in many corporate environments. Here are our answers to questions we get from time to time:

A: No matter the day of the week, we aim to respond to emails and phone calls as quickly as possible, almost always by the end of the next business day.

A: Our 24/7/365 support commitment is stronger than ever! Rest assured, we’re fully staffed to take care of your urgent support needs.

A: We’ve tracked the difference in our productivity from before and after we implemented Flourish Fridays, and we’re thrilled to see that we’ve actually been able to deliver better solutions more efficiently to our customers since adopting this policy. 

A: Our Flourish Fridays aren’t about taking a day off every week. They’re about enabling our team to do what they need to do to flourish in both their professional and their personal lives. When we’re thriving in and out of our typical working hours, we bring our best selves to work and ensure we’re able to exceed, not just meet, the expectations and needs of our customers.

A: Sort of, but not exactly. We call them Flourish Fridays for a reason. They’re meant to be flexible and intentional for our employees and customers alike to flourish, however that looks for them. For some, that’s looked like:

  • Growing a garden and raising chickens to support their family and community’s fresh food needs in the face of rising costs of food and living
  • Spending time with ailing family members and friends in need, instead of crowding a hospital room on the weekend
  • Taking a few hours here and there to catch up on emails, a project, or a meeting without typical work-day chatter and distractions
  • Shifting doctors appointments and personal services to Fridays to avoid breaking up productive work hours Monday through Thursday
  • Taking advantage of gorgeous Friday weather to walk the dogs a bit farther than usual

"I am really enjoying this model. If I have work to do on Friday, I can work. If I need to run errands, I can run errands. And if I just need to sit and enjoy some quiet, I have space to do that since the rest of my family is at work and school. So thankful for this model."


"Today I went for a much need mind clearing 8-mile hike and then came home and harvested tomatoes and baby bell peppers for part of the evening meal. Without Flourish Fridays, I would not have the time to spend on keeping the garden well maintained this year and therefore would not have been able to plant the large variety of yummy food crops that I did this year."

"The four day work week has made me re-evaluate my processes and streamline them considerably. I've found areas of 'wasteful action' and new ways of doing things more effectively because of the need to get the same work done in four days that I used to do in five."


"My daughter turned 2 on Friday and we hosted my out-of-state parents. I probably would've taken the day off anyway, but I was able to focus on family and fun on Friday instead of worrying about missing meetings, responding to emails, or thinking about extra catch-up to do this morning."

"The 4-day work week gave me time to help my daughter this past weekend. She bought a house and had a big plumbing issue, but thanks to Flourish Fridays I was able to make the drive to her, fix the issue with her water and spend some time with her, time I otherwise would not have had. After your kids leave the nest, time spent with them is always in short supply but I'm grateful for the extra time due to Flourish Fridays."


"Absolutely loving Flourish Fridays! I still take calls and respond to emails if needed but it's a pleasure doing these on Friday knowing I have my day to accomplish personal tasks."

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