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SRX3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The SRX3 Wireless Headset features the next generation in Bluetooth® wireless headset technology — raising the standard in mobile workforce ergonomics, productivity and accuracy while enabling voice-directed workflow efficiencies. Based on years of customer feedback on the SRX2, the SRX3 Wireless Headset features internal component improvements and external design enhancements, including:

  • Easy TouchConnect pairing when using VoiceCatalyst device software
  • SoundSense technology for reduction of insertions by up to 50%
  • Enhanced audio clarity
  • Additional resistance to environmental extremes such as cold weather
  • Flip-to-mute functionality for the microphone boom
  • Built-in HFP client support for Android, including existing Android devices and Honeywell’s Android offerings
"We just tested the new wireless headsets. We saw a 9% increase in productivity and the picker didn’t want to give it up!" Sr. Program Analyst

Honeywell Voice A700X Devices

The A700X series device is now the primary Vocollect Talkman® device offered by Honeywell. Although the Honeywell Voice A700X devices are very similar in general shape, sporting the same rugged design of their predecessor A700 series devices, the similarity ends there. Underneath the new black exterior is a fully updated internal architecture supported by a modern and sophisticated Linux kernel OS.

Honeywell has recognized the need for an easy transition for customers from the Windows CE OS A700 series devices to the A700X. The batteries for the devices are interchangeable – the only difference being color. The A700X OS has also been designed to run Legacy TaskBuilder tasks as well as the more current VoiceArtisan voice applications.

The A700X series includes the following devices:

  • A710X – for use with Bluetooth headsets and peripherals
  • A720X – same as above but with the addition of two Talkman® Connectors
  • A730X – same as the A710X but with the addition of an Integrated Scanner


Note: the A730X has a redesigned and more robust scanning trigger button, but like the A730 before it, the scanner button is not recommended for heavy usage. If your workflow requires heavy scanning, the recommendation is to trigger scanning via the voice application or select one of the other models for use with a wired or wireless purpose-built external scanner.

There will be some changes required when moving to the A700X series– new device software, updates, or upgrades to VoiceConsole, as well as some VoiceArtisan voice applications that may need to be adapted to the new Linux based OS. We at Mountain Leverage are here to help you through this transition, from providing the required software and voice application updates, to offering upgrade services for your VoiceConsole application and server.

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"We brought a couple of A730X units down from another site to test here. They are much better - faster ping times, clearer 'voice', etc. We have a quote in to replace all units with A730Xs." IT Specialist

Honeywell Vocollect Voice Wired Headsets 

 SL-14, SR-15, SR-20, SR-21, SR-30, SR-35 & SR-40

There are currently seven wired models of headsets for use with the Honeywell Vocollect Talkman® devices. Wired headsets can be used with the A500, A720, and A720X. Although many users may prefer a wireless solution for their headsets, in environments with significant Bluetooth interference, a wired headset may be a better choice. Wiring the headset prevents the problems that occur with a wireless headset in such an environment - no unexpected disconnections and no BT interference static in the headset.

All of the Honeywell wired headsets offer bidirectional noise-canceling microphones, sealed components to prevent corrosion associated with use in humid conditions, and replaceable consumables such as the ear pads, windscreens, and headband pads.

Light-industrial, behind the head headset that is designed specifically for speech recognition. The headband is fully adjustable. Available in either a right or left ear model.

Behind the head, rugged industrial/warehouse headset designed specifically for speech recognition. Headband is fully adjustable and able to be configured for right or left ear use.

Arguably, the most popular of the Honeywell Vocollect Voice wired headsets, the SR-20 is able to stand up to heavy usage in challenging warehouse conditions. This workhorse will handle extreme temperature differences, condensation, and accidental drops. On top of all that, it is also very comfortable to wear – even over a long shift.

The same as the SR-20, but designed to be a universal headset for use with handheld devices.

A high noise, single ear cup headset designed to be a universal headset for use with handheld devices.

Designed to be used with a hard hat, this wired, ear cup headset has a built-in clip that fits most industrial hard hats with a side slot that accepts a Peltor clip. The Peltor clip is sold separately.

Dual cup designed for extremely loud work environments. The dual cups block out intrusive noise and allow the operators to better hear the voice commands from the device. Average noise reduction is 7 DB.

Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner

This easy-to-wear, rugged, ergonomic two-piece design scanner is one of the most popular choices for use with the Honeywell Vocollect Voice Talkman® devices. It handles 1D and 2D scanning with high motion tolerance and the ability to read poor-quality or damaged barcodes. In a warehouse setting where damaged barcodes may be common, this results in higher user productivity.

Honeywell Voice A500 Devices

The A500 Vocollect Talkman® devices are still offered for those who choose this model over the A700X and/or who originally transitioned from T5 Vocollect Talkman® devices to the A500 in order to be able to continue to utilize their existing supply of chargers, batteries, and other T5 Talkman® accessories.

The A500 devices have the same form factor as the new EOL/EOS T5 series devices, but with updated internals and support for the VoiceCatalyst device software as well as the earlier VoiceClient.

With Bluetooth and two Talkman® Connectors, the choice is yours as to the type of headset and peripherals used.

Honeywell Vocollect Voice Wireless Headsets - SRX3 and SRX-SL

Note: The SRX2 headset is no longer available for purchase (as of June 1, 2020).

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