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Lydia Voice Picking System

One of Mountain Leverage’s voice picking solutions, Lydia Voice, provides streamlined logistical solutions for manufacturers and warehouse workers. Lydia Voice’s voice recognition technology allows warehouse workflows to run more smoothly, increasing productivity, accuracy, and safety for employees on the floor. The Lydia Voice software achieves this by offering flexible integration through traditional warehouse operation systems or on Android and Windows devices.

Lydia Voice can be implemented in a variety of areas inside warehouses such as the receiving or order picking areas and can quickly expand once implemented. Lydia Voice is compatible with Android and Windows devices, providing a familiar interface for employees to navigate. Through the integration of Lydia Voice, employees can complete more tasks in less time while reducing case picking errors, and, as a result, create a better customer experience.

By equipping warehouse employees with Android and Windows compatible voice picking technology that takes minimal onboarding time and is simple to understand, Lydia Voice optimizes warehouse workflow and saves time and money. Speak with one of our voice-picking experts to learn more about Lydia Voice.

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What Else Can Mountain Leverage's Voice Solutions Do?

  • Increase productivity by more than 30%
  • Boost picking accuracy to 99.99%
  • Prevent employee turnover by 30%
  • Improve worker safety up to 20%
  • Reduce training time up to 85%
  • Enable workers to speak in their native languages
  • Operate in any temperature environment
  • Be fully customized to meet your warehouse's needs
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"Your team is incredible. The knowledge that Katie and Eric had of our operation from our limited discussions continues to amaze me. Eric only visited our facility for 1 day, 3 years ago, and Katie has never set foot in here. They listened extremely well, challenged us on our choices, but always conceded to our ultimate wishes. Katie always asked questions that triggered great operational discussions. They delivered everything we requested and designed in the manner we expected it to work. Is it any better than that?" Distribution Manager after switching from Lucas Voice to Mountain Leverage Voice

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