Pick to Voice Data Analytics

Real Time Visibility and Analytics

Vocollect VoiceLink 4.3, available now, includes exciting new features designed to deliver timely, business-critical information to a supervisor’s smartphone or tablet, in the forms of alerts and/or dashboards with charts. These communications will enable supervisors to take actions when necessary, or sit back and relax, knowing that everything is going according to plan.

In addition to these new features, Platform support has been expanded and incremental mobile support is also included in this release. As a reminder, VoiceLink 4.3 also supports full integration with the Talkman A700 Solution, supporting new workflows by enabling voice commands for scanning and other purposes. You also have the option to add Personal Voices for users who desire a new level of personalization for their workflows.

What’s New in VoiceLink 4.3?

Alerts – Configurable alerts provide detailed, timely information to Supervisors, who will be able to view real-time information on any mobile device capable of receiving e-mail, keeping them current on warehouse activities, without being tied to workstation or computer.

Dashboard/Charts – Pre-built dashboards will provide information about the workforce at the operator level, or aggregate information to provide a complete view of warehouse operations. Configurable charts can also be included in the dashboard, providing a view of their business the way management wants to see it, delivered to an appropriately configured tablet.

Data Aggregators – A set of pre-configured data aggregators provide data calculations, merging and filtering of information, eliminating the need for a separate tool and a separate resource to go through endless streams of data. This addition enables the Alerts and Dashboards features.

Real Time Visibility and Analytics