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Voice Directed Warehousing Solutions

What is Voice Picking?

At Mountain Leverage, our people are our greatest asset. We're warehouse experts providing top-of-the-line voice picking solutions such as Voice Picking System. We'll examine your whole operation before proposing a solution that involves process enhancements as well as technological efficiency. We know that every distribution center has its own set of quirks and difficulties, and we work closely with your staff to design the most effective solution tailored to your needs.

Mountain Leverage has designed and implemented voice-directed warehousing solutions and workflows for more than a decade. We're very good at it. We've seen hundreds of different picking systems, connected to all kinds of host systems, and we've successfully interfaced with all of our customers' systems. Our voice-picking system is helping warehouses move into efficient operations at lower costs that provide extraordinary value. We look forward to working with you to create a world-class operation.

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How Does Pick to Voice Work?

There are several key facets to voice-enabling your processes that will maximize the value you get from your customized solution:

  • Integration:
    • We integrate your voice-enabled processes with your existing enterprise systems, whether it's ERP, MRO, MES, SAP, or another mission-critical IT system, so your data flows from your customized pick technology to the rest of your enterprise.
  • Voice Dialog:
    • We translate your standard operating procedures and documentation processes into a threaded dialog that simplifies operations and guides users through their tasks.
  • Implementation:
    • We follow your standard operating plan to put everything together and ensure your pick-to-voice system is not only world-class but meets your organization's unique needs.
  • User Adoption:
    • Once your pick technology system is fully operational, we provide personalized user training and continued support necessary for ensuring peak performance and on-demand updates.

Why is Voice Picking Important?

These voice systems are used in a wide variety of industries and environments and are tailored to fit existing company processes and procedures. Pick technology solutions are ideal for use in extreme freezer environments where hands-free operation yields real productivity improvements without the need for a keyboard or screens fogging on an RF scanner. Special headsets have been designed for a hard hat and high noise manufacturing or warehouse environments as well. Training time is significantly reduced with voice solutions since the average worker can be trained in only one to two hours with voice systems. The economics of this reduction in training time is particularly relevant for seasonal businesses or those with cyclical labor requirements or high turnover.

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