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Knowledge Center Blog Voice Picking Headsets Can Be Safe, Noise-Blocking, AND Comfortable

Three versatile options for voice picking headbands

As part of Mountain Leverage's support offerings, we provide the industry's easiest process to purchase new and official brand accessories for your voice system through our online store. When you're in the market for new headbands, consider your options to provide the most comfortable and durable head pieces for your voice-picking team members.




The Vocollect® SRX3 Lightweight Headband fits all sizes, takes up the least room, and comes with a stability strap to secure the headset to the operator's head, making it the perfect choice in areas of frequent movement and quick shift changes.




The Vocollect® SRX3 High-Noise Headband blocks external noise and allows the operator to hear voice instructions clearly in areas of high environmental noise. It also provides protection in cold settings, such as a warehouse freezer.




The Vocollect® SRX3 Hard Hat Clip Headband easily mounts onto hard hats without getting in the way. Choose from a variety of clips depending on the hard hats you use and make sure you grab an extra bag of hard hat mounting disks.


Health and Safety First

It's best practice to provide a headband to each employee to keep with them so they aren't sharing accessories. And good news - they're quick to clean and easy to replace. Dan from Mountain Leverage shares how to take care of your voice accessories in this video: