“Everybody is very happy to know that now we have more visibility into our process that we didn’t have before. Being able to manage those workflows from area to area and the overall balance of the operation has been very critical.”

Adam Cropper eBay Enterprise

Today’s rapidly changing market has had a dramatic impact on traditional warehouse operations.  E-commerce and Omni-Channel initiatives have deeply impacted the supply chain, including increasing SKU counts, challenging traditional storage strategies, and forcing fulfillment operations to be more responsive and nimble.  Your customers are demanding you react to these changes quickly and voice picking does this while driving out costs.  We can help using your existing business systems; all without requiring a massive IT initiative.  


Many leading 3PL organizations are leveraging operational improvements gained from the use of voice picking into a competitive advantage to help them attract and maintain blue-chip customers. Mountain Leverage offers many integration paths and can work with you to develop the best fit for your operation.  And when you are looking at options when it comes to pick technology, we offer solutions based on the industry leading Honeywell/Vocollect framework.  A leading offering allows you to abstract the business rules from your WMS/ERP data, opening up the ability to make the operational and efficiency improvement which were cost and time prohibitive when the option was to make changes to your host system.  Batch picking, pallet tracking, intelligent assignment prioritization and pick path optimization, labor tracking, and more become possible when using our middleware offering.


Mountain Leverage offers flexible investment options, including a subscription based approach which can be married to your existing contract periods.  You also will have the ability to scale and transfer equipment to new contracts and facilities.  In the past, 3PL’s were tied to RF picking and pick to light technologies due to the existing investment and lack of ability to justify voice picking technologies for shorter duration contracts.  We understand the challenges involved in your industry and the limitations that your short term contracts present.