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Voice Order Picking Solutions

Peak Performance

Our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ customized voice system literally talks your picker through a process, and the worker interacts with the voice system by confirming their actions and indicating they are ready for the next step. Staff is guided through the workflows with various voice queries. The worker hears and responds to interactive voice cues using a lightweight headset, which is attached to a small, wearable voice computer. The solution is easily integrated into any ERP or other host system. New tasks can be requested by the host system, workers can send back process data such as quantities picked or parts consumed, triggering an alert or question to warehouse management as tasks are updated and completed. This type of real-time communication enables real-time triggering of replenishment or cycle counting or other actions which lead to a more efficient warehouse operation

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Voice Order Picking Technology

Voice Picking Products

Faced with enormous seasonal spikes in order volume, eBay Enterprise turned to Mountain Leverage voice to solve their peak season challenges. After moving to voice for picking and packing, eBay experienced a 25% reduction in errors and a 50% reduction in training time.

building solutions for your application

customized hardware and software solutions

At Mountain Leverage, we know how to make Honeywell Vocollect voice perform. We have extensive experience with the Vocollect products in hundreds of successful projects.

Whether it’s VoiceArtisan®, VoiceLink®, VoiceExpress™ or VoiceDirect – or a combination of technologies – we are experts at developing a customized hardware and software solution best suited to your operation. The utility of Operational Acuity is it’s ability to deliver actionable insights that ensure efficiency and excellence to your operation.

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Voice by Mountain Leverage

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There are several key facets to voice-enabling your processes that, when well-executed and appropriately combined, will maximize the value you get from your customized solution:

1. integration

We integrate your voice-enabled processes with your existing enterprise systems – whether it’s ERP, MRO, MES, SAP, or some other mission-critical IT system, we integrate the data flows from your customized pick technology solutions to the rest of your enterprise.

2. Voice dialog

We translate your standard operating procedures and documentation processes into a threaded dialog that simplifies operations and guides users through their tasks.

3. implementation

We follow a proven project plan to put everything together and ensure your voice-enabled system is world class.

4. user adoption

Once your pick technology system is fully operational, we provide the user training and support necessary for assuring the performance you demand.


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Customer Case Studies

“Revolutionized our picking process”  Lead Material Handler
“Adore voice”  Lead Material Handler
“Can’t live without it and don’t want to live without it” Lead Material Handler

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