“We’re at the 90 day mark, and from what I can gauge, it’s all positive results- especially with productivity. We’re seeing about a 16% in units per hour increase.”

Bill McIntosh Perry’s Ice Cream

Voice Technology Solutions for Manufacturing

Voice technology solutions deliver for manufacturers who require a mobile and agile workforce to ensure productivity and minimize costs while maximizing productivity and safety. In order to be competitive, production must exceed quality standards and costs must be driven out of the business. Voice picking software and hardware solutions can relieve the constant pressure to increase speed and accuracy, comply with regulations, and assure worker safety.

Despite noise and many other operational challenges, the Mountain Leverage implementations are customized and flexible to perform in many environments. Our voice technology solutions set the industry standard for innovation and efficiency, and our cost effective voice picking software is customizable for your operation.

A Few of the Applications for Voice

  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Kitting to Line
  • In-line Inspection
  • Service and Warranty Tracking
  • QA Inspection/Testing

Addressing your Challenges

Labor costs: Voice is the natural and instinctive method for workers to pick and assemble. Our robust solution is a low cost option to more capital intensive alternatives. A management console provides visibility into workers scheduling, inventory, and productivity.

Training: Because voice is instinctive and natural, our voice solutions require minimal training of your employees to quickly become effective – most typically during their first shift. Regardless of accent or native language, our Mountain Leverage voice picking software solution is universally understood.

Workflow Optimization: Mountain Leverage uses order, inventory, product, customer, and location information to optimize and orchestrate the execution of work on the manufacturing floor. Our voice picking software includes a web-based management dashboard with real-time management reporting and system configuration tools for optimized results.  Our project methodology works with each customer to determine the optimal batch and order configurations to optimize travel path by work assignment.