“After I tested the new voice equipment on the floor, they did not want to give it back to me when they finished. They wanted to keep it, it performed so well.”

North American Specialty Food Company

Today’s omnichannel and multichannel world is driving retailers and wholesalers to adapt fulfillment operations to the realities of streamlining complex supply chain operations while continuously maintaining the highest order accuracy levels under the pressure of ever-shrinking customer shipping demands.


The Mountain Leverage team is made up of proven experts in warehouse voice picking. Our fully customized solution will optimize your fulfillment operation by eliminating non-value activities such as reading screens, managing paper,  wasting travel time “deadheading,” and more thereby driving out cost. In addition, voice technology allows for free hands and creates a laser focus that drives exceptional improvements in productivity, accuracy and worker safety when compared to other distribution technologies.  Voice users benefit from significant cost and time savings as a result of creating a focused operational framework that quickly and accurately gets orders on their way to customers.


Regardless of your system – WMS/OMS/ERP or legacy application, Mountain Leverage creates flexible warehouse voice picking integrations that minimize IT investment and effort.  We create solutions that expand with your business to ensure the most efficient, accurate, and scalable system for meeting your growing or seasonal customer demand.   Our hundreds of installations use voice technology to supplement existing systems providing optimized fulfillment processes sometimes via batch picking – via container or carton onto pallet, cart or belt.  Further, our voice solutions can also be used to complement a system which provides fulfillment functions but may not be able to optimize processes such as order grouping or prioritized work issuance.  It all begins with a meeting to understand your priorities, pain points, parameters, and timing constraints.


Retailers using advanced technologies such as distributed order management (DOM) can also benefit from warehouse voice picking since it is flexible enough to be used in any type of warehouse or in the front-of-store for in-store picking.  Customers employing voice consistently across their fulfillment operations find the highest levels of performance through reduced variability in their operational throughput and high levels of accuracy across the operation.   With voice, our customers consistently deliver timely and accurate orders for the lowest cost, regardless of fluctuations in volume, seasonality, or product mix.  We use our knowledge and passion to develop a system that is customized to work best in your unique environment.