• Aerospace

    Engine MRO
    Voice picking technology solutions help streamline off-wing repair to restore aircraft engines to designed operational condition
    Component MRO
    Vocollect solutions enable regular aircraft inspection and maintenance checks to ensure flight worthiness
    Heavy Maintenance
    Voice picking technology helps streamline inspection of airframe components, comprehensive structural inspection and overhaul of aircraft
    Line Maintenance
    Vocollect solutions support the execution of component MRO for APU, Avionics, wheels and brakes, communication equipment, flight controls, etc.

  • Automotive

    We’ve seen the automotive industry as a whole fully embrace voice picking technology from manufacturing production; to Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers who are using voice to better support JIT and JIS initiatives with expanding cross docking capabilities; to industrial MRO distributors and 3PL’s who are contractually required to provide replenishment orders during restricted delivery and unloading windows; to aftermarket and do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-for-me (DIFM) retailers stocking retail store shelves and fulfilling e-commerce orders.

  • Clothing/Apparel/Fashion

    Clothing & Apparel is a fast moving sector with products that have shorter lifecycles. The imperative is to get new ranges into stores on time with a high level of order accuracy. The ability to achieve this task in a climate of intense competition and higher labor costs is a challenge. Vocollect Voice is well placed to meet the demands of the industry.

  • Consumer Goods

    Today’s Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) distribution companies face real challenges in a rapidly changing industry. Intense price pressure at the retail level is eroding margins. Add global competition and shorter product life cycles, and you’ll see the challenge across the entire CPG industry. To stay competitive, CPG distribution companies are adapting to the new realities of the retail market by reducing costs and improving their ability to predict and respond to changes in end-customer demand. The right technology can give your company the agility you need to stay competitive.

  • Food & Beverage

    Leading food and beverage manufacturers rely on Vocollect to help them control operations costs while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. With Vocollect Voice, your staff will fulfill orders more quickly and accurately, and you will be able to reduce your internal costs for multiple functions across your DC/warehouse operations. You’ll also benefit from the flexibility to be able to fulfill orders efficiently regardless of the order composition – from DCs to retail stores and direct customers.

  • High Tech/Electronics

    The Electronics/High Tech sector contains some of the highest value products within a supply chain, the need for supply chain visibility and stock integrity is paramount to support the onward value chain of warranty and service. The product in some cases will generate difficult physical handling requirements and the need for hands-eyes free is important to maintain an exceptional experience.

  • Industrial Goods (MRO, JAN/SAN)

    The wide variety of products managed in the MRO space lends its own set of uniqueness and challenges. The less than standard shapes, weights, sizes and storage needs can be overwhelming in the typical warehouse environment. As orders are selected, the need for sophisticated software to determine pallet building methods, can quickly become a necessity. The typical order may contain heavy liquids, tires batteries, mops, shovels, buckets, light bulbs…..etc. By segregating the facility and goods into regions, the software can manage the orders, selectors and pick sequences to optimize order fulfillment.

  • Medical Devices

    The highly regulated medical device sector requires explicit and tight controls on manufacturing lots and serial numbers of these devices with the ability, at a moments notice, provide shipment information as well as storage information on this inventory. The manual tracking of such information and inventory is a costly and time consuming endeavor which is error prone at best. The ability to ship the exact serial lot combination is paramount when the general public’s well being and health is at stake. Vocollect Voice gives the distributor the ability to now seamlessly track the highly controlled inventory during all movements and shipments, while having a streamlined, automated means of collection of critical tracking data. This data can be transmitted to external systems if needed, for recall, historical reporting and regulatory compliance.

  • Pharma/Life Sciences

    Pharmaceutical products are some of the most highly regulated goods found in retail and wholesale distribution. The unique distribution requirements for ambient, cool, refrigerated, and frozen storage along with lot control, expiration dating, manufacturing dating, stock rotation rules, shelf life product concerns and customer shelf life concerns can be a daunting challenge, if the proper systems are not in place to manage and automate. Vocollect Voice is one of the systems designed to streamline the control reporting and movement of goods throughout the distribution setting. Accuracy in the Pharma/Life Science sector is critical in the storing, selection and shipping of this inventory, and Vocollect’s proven 99.9+ percent order accuracy is industry leading.

  • Retail

    Convenience and Department stores provide a wide proliferation of product mix; size characteristics create challenges for both order accuracy and handling control. Together with this seasonal demands and an intense marketplace competition create pressure on the supply chain. The ability to meet these needs for agility while managing labor costs creates a challenge.
    Leading convenience store chains turn to voice picking technology for improved order accuracy and productivity. Because there are limited days of supply to individual stores, not getting correct orders can lose many sales from impulse buyers. Order accuracy is even more important for more costly store goods like cigarettes and alcohol. Also, since convenience store DCs need to fulfill so many store orders on a timely basis, achieving faster picking helps overall ROI for the voice investment.

    Voice for:
    Replenishment & Put Away
    Section & Picking

  • Grocery

    88 percent of the top 50 grocers use Vocollect voice picking technology, and nine of the top 10 grocers are Vocollect customers. And that undisputed market leadership extends also to Europe, where many of the top EMEA grocery companies also use Vocollect by Honeywell to efficiently send perishables and non-perishables to their retail stores.

    Vocollect’s ability to handle advanced data collection within the process cycle is impressive: Vocollect’s solutions provide an opportunity to speed up process flows that may be handled by scanning technology or paper up to this point. The challenges of ‘chill-chain’ with sell-by dates and weight data that needs to be collected for regulatory reasons, can be handled quickly and efficiently while using voice. At the same time the product can be manually handled and stacked to optimal fill levels.

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