Labor Statistics

Voice Warehouse Execution System

Work Smarter, Not Harder

For me, the report customization aspect was huge. Some of the functionality we get with our voice pick technology we were unable to get within our WMS. Having the real time visibility into the pick process was critical.” – 3PL Engineering Director

How it Works

The Smart Labor system provides users insight into historical labor and task data to enable you to optimize your operation.  Data includes time spent retrieving work, time spent walking from one location to another, time spent picking a particular item, as well as the quantity picked, etc.  Any specific activity type that a picker performs can be tracked; from delivering totes/pallets to taking breaks.  A web-based dashboard and reporting toolset allows you to visualize the new data being collected. Analysis can then be performed on this data in many ways to produce charts and reports for comparative analysis.

The ‘smart’ side of the Smart Labor system comes from the ability to take information from thousands of data points and analyze from any angle. 

Get Real Time Analytics, Like:

Pick rates by picker/zone/shift, etc.

  •         Top 10 most frequently shorted locations
  •         Top 10 most frequently picked locations
  •         Percent of time spent retrieving work vs. travel time vs. picking time
  •         Time spent on breaks by picker
  •         And much more

Using the Data for Your Business

The travel time and pick rate information can be used to determine picking goal rates that are based on real information instead of guesses.  

With the data at your fingertips, Smart Labor can be the vehicle to continuous improvement within your operation. Wouldn’t you want to know that re-adjusting the locations of your fast movers more often would provide a significant increase to efficiency? Smart Labor allows you to break down not only how many items are picked but how much time it takes per item. Seeing outliers can help identify hidden issues- for instance, some items are better picked from higher locations than others. The possibilities are endless with the ways you can leverage the data. 

The Smart Labor system, combined with a premier warehouse voice picking solution by Mountain Leverage, provides the tools for your operation to excel.

RF Scanner Compatible

Smart Labor can also work with voice implementations which integrate through existing RF scanner-based systems. As the voice functionality is developed for your operation, the key facts are identified and sent to the Smart Labor system in the background, without affecting the performance of the voice picking system.

Labor Statistics
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Instant ROI

Instant ROI With Voice to Pick

Upgrade to Voice Picking With No Capital Expense

The Instant ROI Program, exclusively from Mountain Leverage, is a popular subscription plan providing clients with a robust business solution as opposed to ownership of hard assets and license rights. Many of our customers, both large and small, prefer this “Software-as-a-Solution” (SaaS) model because it allows you to capture exceptional results gained from voice technology solutions with no upfront capital outlay. This monthly recurring investment helps level your cash flow over multiple fiscal years and provides an immediate positive ROI.

Instant ROI and your Voice Pick Technology Experience

Clients enjoy a best in class voice technology solution designed to meet specific operational priorities to include: hardware, software, 24/7/365 maintenance and support, services, installation, and a complete knowledge transfer program. There are no hidden or unexpected costs. We partner with clients to create a metrics-based ROI that will be trackable through the end of the program.

Why Choose Instant ROI from Mountain Leverage?

Avoid the cost of a capital expenditure
Avoid the lengthy internal capital request processes
Avoid upfront down payment requirements
Reduce the risk of investing in ever-changing technology
Ensure flexibility and upgradeability with this investment
Secure best-in-class fulfillment operations technology utilizing operating expense funds
Benefit from a recurring flat monthly payment
Enjoy immediate positive ROI

3PL Friendly

This subscription model is particularly attractive for 3PL’s as it provides a flexible and efficient means for upgrading the provider’s logistics technology. The plan can be extended or renewed at the end of the term, or devices can be reused at other sites, or simply returned at the conclusion of the program. Turn to Mountain

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Instant ROI
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Retail Solutions

Voice Directed Retail Solutions

All retailers today are expected to provide a wide and expanding proliferation of product mix and cope with seasonal fluctuations in an intensely competitive marketplace.  The challenge to meet these needs for agility while keeping costs to a minimum get more and more complicated.

The hyper-competitive specialty retail industry requires best-in-breed distribution practices in order to guarantee product availability and customer satisfaction.  Facing SKU proliferation, consumer demand volatility and regulatory requirements, specialty retailers endeavor to optimize their current unique business processes to ensure a premium customer experience – every time.

Further, the days of a clear delineation between supply chain operations and the retail floor are sunsetting.

  • Online sales are growing at an astounding rate, with no slowdown expected
  • Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) trends like “click and collect” and “ship to store” are preferred by nearly half the consumers surveyed

These new disruptions may be here to stay and the traditional hub and spoke distribution model has been stretched.  

To satisfy this shift in customer demand, Mountain Leverage has found a way to fuse peak supply chain performance into retail floor operation. Our unique approach consisting of process improvement, voice picking, and more, will enable you to leverage your existing investment.  The ability to have the hands and eyes free reduces the potential for damage while increasing process efficiency and order accuracy in this dynamic and time.   Our customized solutions allow you to respond quickly and more profitably to the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace.

Disruption is coming to retail, and in some ways is already here.  Let us at Mountain Leverage help you to turn disruption into competitive advantage.

Retail Solutions
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Real Time Visibility and Analytics

Pick to Voice Data Analytics

Real Time Visibility and Analytics

Vocollect VoiceLink 4.3, available now, includes exciting new features designed to deliver timely, business-critical information to a supervisor’s smartphone or tablet, in the forms of alerts and/or dashboards with charts. These communications will enable supervisors to take actions when necessary, or sit back and relax, knowing that everything is going according to plan.

In addition to these new features, Platform support has been expanded and incremental mobile support is also included in this release. As a reminder, VoiceLink 4.3 also supports full integration with the Talkman A700 Solution, supporting new workflows by enabling voice commands for scanning and other purposes. You also have the option to add Personal Voices for users who desire a new level of personalization for their workflows.

What’s New in VoiceLink 4.3?

Alerts – Configurable alerts provide detailed, timely information to Supervisors, who will be able to view real-time information on any mobile device capable of receiving e-mail, keeping them current on warehouse activities, without being tied to workstation or computer.

Dashboard/Charts – Pre-built dashboards will provide information about the workforce at the operator level, or aggregate information to provide a complete view of warehouse operations. Configurable charts can also be included in the dashboard, providing a view of their business the way management wants to see it, delivered to an appropriately configured tablet.

Data Aggregators – A set of pre-configured data aggregators provide data calculations, merging and filtering of information, eliminating the need for a separate tool and a separate resource to go through endless streams of data. This addition enables the Alerts and Dashboards features.

Real Time Visibility and Analytics
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SAP Consultants

Voice Picking Integrations for SAP

With the wide variety of customers using SAP® and the even wider variety of ways that SAP is used, it’s no surprise that a “one size fits all” solution cannot meet the needs of all operations. Our voice experts can assist as you weigh the options of different integrations to ensure you maximize your return.   

As a Vocollect TSP Premier Partner, Mountain Leverage is fully capable and qualified to offer the most recent SAP-specific voice solutions to include a middleware offering specially suited for high volume picking operations enabling selectors to be isolated from delays sometimes caused by SAP communication latency or failures when posting data to SAP.  This robust solution will allow you to continue warehouse picking and other processes during SAP connectivity interruptions.

Alternatively, you may want to consider a direct interface implementation where the system runs as an ‘add-on’ to SAP or other custom integrations leaving the business logic for your voice operations resident in SAP.  With a breadth of SAP and voice experience, our voice team provides customized design, implementation, and configuration in line with your priorities and in concert with your existing SAP infrastructure.
Our Professional Services team has the project management, SAP, and voice expertise to quickly and reliably identify custom optimization points and to implement that functionality in a way that can be easily upgraded and modified as future business needs change.  

Contact us at 866-984-9922 today.

SAP Consultants
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